What is an eco-home and the material used to build it?

July 10, 2018

Building an Eco-friendly property is one of the most effective ways applied by architects and real estate developers to make their valuable contribution to maintain the right ecological balance. Moreover, even the home buyers today are seeking for properties with ecological alternative and eco-design for their house interiors.

What is an Eco House or Eco Home?
An Eco-House or an Eco-Home is an ecologically low-impact house design, built using materials and technology that cuts down its carbon footprint.
A well-planned eco-home cuts down on power bills, water usage, boosts green space in and around the house, relies on renewable energy resources and keeps waste to minimum. Other environmental concerns like power consumption, waste management, rising temperature and water wastage can be brought under control if not entirely solved.
Nowadays, many aspiring homebuyers choose to live in a green and a self-containing living space, taking consideration of the kind of positive change that it brings to our environment and our pockets. The material used to construct such a home is different from the conventional ones. Read on to find out different material used by developers in India to build a green or sustainable properties are;
Bamboo is the fastest growing member of grass family. They are strong and durable. These two factors make bamboo one of the most feasible building materials. Bamboo is water resistant, flexible & stronger.
Moreover, it is a highly affordable construction material.
Reclaimed Woods
Recycled wood from a damaged or destroyed structure is known as reclaimed wood. This reduces the need to cut down new trees. Reclaimed woods are durable in comparison to the new ones, as it is made using recycled plastic and wood fiber. The combination of these two material increases the strength of the wood thought it can be expensive in comparison to wood; however, spending extra money is justified as it’s less toxic and lasts longer.
Ash-Crete is an excellent alternative to traditional cement. It uses environment-friendly fly-ash, a by-product of burning coal. When compared to traditional cement, it requires less water.
Straw Bale
Straw bale is one of the most effective eco materials for construction – it’s cost effective and helps in climates where heating and/or cooling of the home is essential for comfort. It is the material of choice those who are looking for rustic look. It offers better insulation than the regular wood.
The only disadvantage of straw bale is that it’s not suitable for humid condition.
Recycled Steel
The production process of steel itself has an adverse impact on the environment. Thus, the existing material is now recycled, this process consumes 75% less energy. Moreover, using recycled steel frees-up the space used by the scrape material.
There are innumerous choices of stones that you can choose from to construct your eco home. Some of the popularly used stones for the construction are marble, volcanic stone, granite, sand stone, basalt and trap stones, slate rock, quartzite, gneiss, etc. Natural stone are affordable; they last forever, they can be salvaged, reused, and recycled; requires little or no maintenance, consistent through temperature changes and lastly they are beautiful.


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