What do millennial look for in a new home?

April 25, 2020

While some homebuyers are still fantasizing about the oversized house, expensive interiors, ample of storage space and walk-in closet, the millennials believe less is more.

Well-designed, compact spaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst the millennial they crave for flexibility, convenience and affordability in every aspect of their lives. The major reason for this new trend is the rapid advent of innovative technologies as the millennial doesn’t need so much space.

General clutter that covers the walls of our parents’ homes, the shelves of CD’s, DVD’s, and books have become a thing from the past. As we can now access all this content online on Gaana, Netflix, Kindle, etc.

Check out these home trends millennial want in their home;


Environment-conscious construction, using renewable resources and sustainable design is the kind of home millennials are looking for.

Here are the top upgrades for a sustainable home;

  • Going Solar
  • Upgrade to LED
  • Adding native trees & plants to your landscapes
  • Use recyclable product to reduce the amount of waste.
  • Start a compost pile
  • Fix leaky pipes
  • Rainwater harvesting

Smart Homes

Along with being sustainable, millennials also tend to value convenience. They are looking forward to a home designed with smart home technologies that allow them to remotely access their lightings, appliances, entertainment system, security system, and room temperature.

Built-in storage space

When you are short on space, a built-in space is a boon. Millennials are often looking for multifunctional furniture along with storage space. According to a survey report, apartments with plenty of built-in closet and storage space are more likely to be sold faster in this age group.

House Plants

Nowadays millennials are all about having indoor plants for different rooms. Different individuals have different reasons to get plants in their house; such as, it’s an affordable option to decorate your space, it adds flair and life in your house, they’re fun to grow and take care, they purify the air, improves your health, bring a welcoming environment in your house, and many more.

Minimal care

In this fast-paced world, where work is the priority, taking care of home takes a back seat. Hence, to keep your space in best shape millennials opt for products, material and fabrics that require minimal care and maintenance.

Efficiency, convenience and affordability are the needs and requirements of the millennials.


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