Wet Garbage Treatment

January 3, 2019

Wet Garbage treatment plants are preferred over Vermiculture system. It produces organic manure and biogas as a byproduct. When the quantity of wet garbage is more, the Vermiculture system is not affordable due to high requirement of space for it, therefore for housing complex having more than fifty members, wet Garbage plants are recommended.

Following guidelines are helpful for selection and other requirements for a wet garbage treatment plant .

Assume a housing complex having 400 flats.

  1. Capacity : To treat 200 Kg of wet garbage (Food waste) i.e. ½ Kg per flat.
  2. Area required : 5 m x 5
  3. Water required : 300 liter per
  4. Man power : One person per day to load food waste, general cleanliness and
  5. Electricity : Three phase electrical
  6. Inlet chamber : 1.2 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m. to be connected to the digester .


  • SORTING TABLE : All wet garbage collected should be loaded onto sorting table and to be segregated for residual plastics, metal, glass and other non-biodegradable
  • CRUSHER :- Food waste crusher is to be provided along with sorting table. The segregated waste is then loaded with water and the slurry is passed into the inlet chamber of the
  • INLET CHAMBER:- It is to be constructed in brickwork and smoothly plastered. The size of chamber should be 1.2 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m with a 150 mm diameter V.C. pipe. This chamber is to be connected to the bottom of the digester.
    1. It should be constructed in C.C. or in brickwork of size 3-meter diameter and 2.75 meter in depth (0.6 meter above ground level). UASB digester is to be provided with internal proprietary modules and baffle system of FRP reinforced with steel and double internal tank system having floating dome.
    2. The digesters are also available in 3 mm thick mild steel with FRP lining having size 4 meter diameter x 2.4 meter height. It has a neoprene rubber balloon at the top and is covered with a transparent FRP dome as a top cover. This digester is totally factory assembled package plant and only to be installed at site. The solids charged into the digester get converted into Biogas and liquid. Sludge accumulated at the bottom is to be removed once in a year.
  • OUTLET CHAMBER: The treated water waste is to be collected in the outlet Part of it is to be recycled back into inlet chamber and rest is to be connected to existing drain.
  • RECYLE PUMP :- Is to be provided to ensure period recycling of the outlet water. It is automatically controlled by a cycling
  • BIOGAS PIPING : The biogas is collected under the floating Once the dome is full of biogas, the valve is opened and the gas can be used up to a distance of 11 meter from the biogas plant.
  • AUTOMATION CONTROL PANEL: It should have all the switchgear and timer for complete automation of recycle pump and shredder. It has to be enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure with indication lamps and auto manual switch.


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