January 4, 2019

A process of business does not end after the sale of a particular product. A sale can be called a successful sale only if many possibilities of new sale evolve at the completion of the first sale.

 If such sale opportunities are evolved, it indirectly assures that, the delightment of customer is achieved. It also ensures the healthy growth of the business in the future. The services rendered after sale, help to a great extent to achieve this goal of unending chain of sale.

In building construction industry, the time required for handling over a product (flat) to a customer, is comparatively more from the actual date of agreement than the other industries.. Therefore a customer expects many services during this period also.

Another peculiarity of the construction industry is that the consumer enters the premises of the product itself (flat/shop). Whereas in case of other products, the situation is that, the product is taken to the consumer’s premises. This criticality arises because of the nature of the product (flat/shop/offices).

This critically creates the necessity to design the services very carefully which are to be rendered after sale.

Some of the critical services desired during the agreement & actual possession, period are :-

  1. The alteration/omission/additions desired by the customer in the layout of the flat/
  2. The desire to be updated with the progress of the work from time to
  3. Information regarding locations of post office, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, grossary & vegetables markets etc. in the vicinity of the newly purchased flat/shop.
  4. A warm treatment during the site

The customer further desires the following services after taking the possession of the unit, till the

defects liability period.

  1. Prompt & proper maintenance services in flat/shop.
  2. Well-maintained common facilities like lifts, passenger lifts, entrance foyers, parking, roads &
  3. Information regarding, formation of legal body (society/Apartment) of the

The procedure for rendering these services:-

  1. Changes desired by a customer :-
  2. The alterations/omissions/additions desired by the customer in the layout of the flat/shop. Changes shall be accepted stage Please ask the client to thoroughly inspect & study the sample flat & if he has any doubts, please discuss with him. Sample flat & its planning, standard material, itself is self- explanatory, self-sufficient and the optimum use of space is planned.
  3. Changes affecting the elevations shall be
  • After completion of roof slab of a particular flat, changes in electrical points at ceilings & in between the depth of RCC beams cannot be accepted. Electrical pointsat the ceiling of toilet, terrace are not to be changed, in any
  1. The changes given before starting the masonry work can be accepted. Confirm that the load of the masonry is transferred to the floor beams and not on the slabs, in such
  2. If the masonry is to be demolished & rework is to be done, charges for demolishing & shifting of debris along with the rework are to be borne by the
  3. If changes in masonry layout are to be done after internal plaster & further activities, please take necessary permission from your higher authority. Charges will have to be borne by the
  • If waterproofing/concealed plumbing/tiling/door shutter are fixed, do not accept the changes in
  • If customer asks for extra loft, well in advance before starting internal plaster, you may accept Do not accept the work of additional loft if internal plaster is completed.
  1. We may accept the changes of extra electrical points before stating the internal plaster. Do not accept changes if internal plaster & dado work is
  2. If a client requires a stainless steel sink for the kitchen platform, he must inform the same, well in advance and handover the same at his risk & cost to the site whenever asked for. Do not accept the changes of S.S.sink after platform is
  3. If a client requires extra L shape or C shape platform lenght draw a sketch with orientation. Show the position of sink, verticals etc and confirm the side verticals & its material with shape. Confirm & get the signature of the client on the
  • For changes of extra dado work above the standard area of dado; remove the sanala applied for required area completely. Hack the portion properly remove all dust & loose particles by washing the surface. Take maximum care for fixing tiles of dado on such surface to avoid the peel off after few years.
  • For standard ceramic flooring, there are two options of joints. Please get it confirmed from the clients & explain him the advantages & disadvantages of flush joint flooring & spacer If customer desires to have his own flooring tiles or other materials such as kota, marble, granite, granamite tiles, customer has to supply the material at his cost & risk as & when required on site asked from the site.

Normal percentage of wastage of tile material, considered for costing is:

Ceramic or glazed tile 12%
Granamite 10%
Uncut Kota 30%
Marbo-granite tile 15%

Corner shelves, thresholds, soap cases & paper holders are to be supplied by the client at his risk. Fixing charges are to be borne by the client.

  • In any case, front main door or ply jam design cannot be changed. Client has to inform well in advance if he is supplying his own door shutters/
  1. Client has to inform in advance about three-track/ mosquito net provision/powder coated windows if required. Client has to bear the extra
  • If company is not providing S. grills, provide approved drawings to the customer. Fixing of projecting out grills are not permitted in any case. Designs other than companies’ approved designs for window grills & safety doors are not permitted. See that client’s fabricator do not spoil the plaster & paint of the window openings.
  • If informed well in advance, the clients may supply P. fittings/sanitary fittings of their choice at their risk & cost. All extra arrangement for loft tank, acquaguard point, jet spray, health foset etc. to be completed in all respect and take a satisfactory note for the same.
  • No changes in texture & shade can be In this case, we can ask the client to paint his flat of his own with appropriate credit to be given.

See that customer must make his mind & confirm the changes required to be done and not repetitively changes his mind. We may provide him a preliminary estimate. Feasability of the changes, limitations etc. should be explained to the client. If the client is adamant & insisting for changes, please ask him to wait for few days. In the mean time get it confirmed from the Head office; until then please keep all the work on HOLD.

  1. Information desired about progress of work :

The customer can be informed in advance & during the construction about the stages of work completed. This helps the customer to decide about his future plans of possession, furniture & financial arrangements.

  1. A simple leaflet containing the information about the vicinity of the project & locations of essential services near the newly constructed project will help the customers to a great
  2. Till the customer gets accostumed with the new atmosphere, he expects a parental, caring, warm approach from the staff at A warm welcome, a good smile during his site visit, will serve the purpose.

In this manner, very simple service, given with a warmth, binds the customer to the business house.

The services rendered after sale, play an important role in a repitetive sales orders & hence shall be treated as long term investments & not as an expenditure.


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