Senior citizens are moving to gated communities – A rising real estate trend.

November 16, 2018

Gated community for senior citizens is a rising trend in the India Real Estate Market, all for good reasons. Living in a gated community with a secured and protected ambience appeals to many. Living in such a community provides them with the necessary security, utmost privacy and the feeling of exclusivity.

Many gated communities are emerging across big cities in India. With the growth of nuclear families becoming a trend and the younger generation settling in distinct parts of the country and abroad, several elders are staying by themselves.

As a result, they are looking for a township or gated communities that are protected and have the finest amenities such as parks, hospitals, supermarkets, entertainment zones, etc. These gated communities have amplified the development of independent elderly persons and couples to invest in alternative living spaces without negotiating on the wellbeing and comfort of their ageing needs.

A significant segment of seniors are living by themselves, well-travelled, economically steady, tech-savvy and socially active today; thus, they have powerfully built opinions on how they wish to spend time after retirement and enjoy the second innings of their life.

While developing such township, developers often take into account that senior citizens are frequently struggling with age-related complications like anxiety, financial limits, loneliness, lack of physical activity, ailing physical condition, etc.

Identifying their unique need of elderly individuals, several developers are building residential properties which are not only providing homes to senior citizens, but are developing fully-equipped residential complexes with all the essential amenities that they might need at this point of life.

The developer aims to build projects those are self-sufficient so that the residents do not have to go out to look for various basic conveniences.

Living in a gated neighbourhood brings together individuals with different skills across different segments of society. People from across the country belonging to diverse religious and linguistic background stick together harmoniously in communities making them peaceful and serene abodes. Thus, the apartments have to turn out to be well-accepted, when compared to independent properties.

Not just aged individuals, but many working women and working parents prefer investing in gated communities for its safety and security. Many homemakers have turned into entrepreneurs and are successfully earning a significant income by staying at their home by catering to different needs like tuitions, cooking classes, hobby classes, etc.

Here are the benefits of living in a gated community;

  • A well planned gated community may have commercial complexes to sever the daily needs of its residents.
  • Features easily accessible amenities for different age group
  • They are peaceful, free of traffic with no speedy vehicles
  • Better home value
  • Controlled security system
  • Increases sense of community and neighbourhood
  • You do not have to worry about solicitors anymore
  • Great safety for pedestrians

Gated communities function best in today’s world. They are safer and less chaotic if you are willing to live a peaceful life.


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