January 4, 2019

Water is the basic need of all living beings. The quality of life of human beings depends not only on the water available to them but also on how much water is made available for vegetation, for agriculture, for cleaning & maintaining hygienic conditions of the surrenderings. this indicates the importance of water & its scientific distribution.

The growing urbanization, changing lifestyles, increasing literacy & awareness are some of the other factors contributing to the increasing demand of water.

The only source of water being rain, the modern civilization is facing a trememdous pressure due to decreasing volumn of rainfall & its unpredictibility. the water is becoming scarce everyday. the ground water table is also going below the desirable levels.

To overcome this grave situation, we are forced to store as much water from rain as possible in a scientific way.

The method of collecting the rain water through a proper system & utilizing it properly till the next rainy season is called as a rainwater harvesting system.

  1. ‘Area drains’ are developed to collect and drain off the rainwater from roof terrace, flat terraces and roads.
  2. Rainwater gutters are built to the desired slopes.
  3. Gutters covered with proper grating.
  4. All the network of rainwater derain is terminated at the desired points.
  5. All collected water is passed through filter media to bore well/open well, separately constructed water tanks.
  6. The stored water helps to overcome the scarcity.


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