Pune’s Real Estate & the Pandemic

July 7, 2021

The transformation to an economic center:  Pune City over the years has transformed from the city of the education and retirement to a city bursting with economic advancements, multiple industries with job opportunities and a city that is one of the happiest of the country. This shift has raised the population of the city making real estate a dominant industry.

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The work culture:  The city has an extremely cooperative work culture and since the pandemic began, office spaces have shifted to a home desk. As every individual is slowly beginning to appreciate the culture, larger homes are the need of the hour. homes with dedicated work spaces and personal privacy. Today we begun to see a shift in architecture and projects are now packed with latest and useful amenities such as co-working spaces, fitness centers etc.


Urban Infrastructure:   As a city is witnessing a complete makeover, the infrastructure projects have begun to pick up pace. A 55km metro network is on its way to being established and a 128km ring road is on the calender. The smart city initiative has launched Pune as a strong participant in economic activity not just nationally but also internationally. With the ease of the city is used to economically adapting to the pandemic has been comparatively a smooth transition.


Ready for the future:   Despite the pandemic having raging impact on the city, Pune still stands strong in being one of the most economically advanced cities of the country. With understanding the importance of development, the city also takes its environmental impacts into consideration and has also taken an initiative to plant 10 trees each home sold under Kumar Privie Projects.

As the city is going through a transition while dealing with a pandemic, the real estate industry has shifted gears and adapted the new normal.


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