January 3, 2019

The rapid urbanization extended the boundaries of cities to the maximum limits. ‘Twin-cities’, ‘sub- urban cities’ have become inevitable world over.

This forced the town planners to isolate Business centers, markets, and residential zones at a comparatively longer distance within a city. The new problem of connectivity arose with this type of Town- planning .

The transport of people from residential zone to the business zone in the mornings and the reversed transport in the evenings has become a great problem.

Therefore, the pressure on the Local Public Transport System is increasing day by day.

In this situation, some ‘Developers and builders’ started giving the service of ‘Local public facility’ to the members of the townships, built by those developers.

This facility of ‘Limited public transport’ is a necessity as well as a marketing tool to promote the sale of flats /shops etc. This facility is definitely appreciated by the flat purchasers in some cities, where the ‘General Public Transport’ system is unable to cope with, increasing population.

As in the recent past; the ‘Elevators’ turned from ‘Luxury’ to ‘Necessity’, the ‘Limited Public Transport Facility’ is going to become more a necessity than a marketing tool.

The layouts of the townships in the future will have to accommodate this type of service.


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