January 3, 2019

Intercom system is a service, which facilitates proper communication within small townships amongst the members of that townships. Though the Intercom system is provided alongwith landline phones & mobile phones, the calls made from this facility are not metered. In this system, all units (flats), security gates, lifts, parkings, clubhouse areas can be interconnected with each other.

To install an intercom system in a building, following things are required:

  1. Under ground cable
  2. Safe and secured location for installing intercom
  3. Concealed conduiting upto consumer
  4. Two-pair telephone cables for one
  5. Electrical connection of a capacity of 5 Amp for the
    • Telephone instruments, sockets


  1. Ease in communication
  2. Safe way of communication between flat holders and
  3. It helps to locate the security personnel in
  4. It helps to mobilize the rescue operations, in case of an emergency, g. the rescue of people entrapped inside a lift cabin.
  5. It helps to avoid direct entry of unauthorized persons, entering in the building


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