January 3, 2019

Urban civilization & fast growing cities are forcing to construct the high-rise residential & commercial buildings & complexes. As per socio-economic status of the society, the rate of garbage generation varies from building to building. In this changing scenario, the garbage collection from every floor & its disposal has become a tedious job.

To overcome this problem, with ease to the residents and caring for their hygiene, ‘Centralized Garbage Collection System’ is designed for hi-rise buildings.This system can be installed at common passages, landings, utility ducts, garbage ducts, staircase landings etc, of a building.

Considering the peak period volumes of garbage disposals, chutes are designed in different sizes, however the C.G.C.S. are to be designed according to requirements of the customers..

Stainless steels of the grades SS 304/SS 430 is to be used for chute hoppers and major components of the system.

The system consist of :-

  • Chute and hoppers
  • Vent
  • Discharge and disposal system
  • Sprinklers for cleaning
  • Garbage room
  • Drainage system

Chute : Recommended minimum diameter is 600mm for garbage chutes. Floor frames are used to support the chute at every floor. Hoppers : Bottom pivoted hoppers are used for garbage chutes. To prevent clogging, hopper size should not be more than the diameter of the chute. Hoppers are designed for auto-closing operation. Hoppers are to be fitted to chute after the construction of front wall.

Vent : Vent is installed at the rooftop for the purpose of removing foul smell. A heavy duty exhaust fan operating on time control panel is also to be installed.

Garbage Collection room and disposal system : This is constructed at ground level with properly laid flooring and drain off facilities. Opening of the door shall be designed to facilitate easy placing and removal of garbage disposal trolley. It should have an electric control panel consisting main switch, sprinkler system’s on off switch, timer switch for exhaust fan etc. Discharge through chute directly opens in the garbage bin/trolley which is rolling type. Fire resistant door is provided at the end.

Sprinklers – A water connection of specified range is to be provided at roof level. To ensure the proper cleaning of the inner surface of the chute ,different sprinklers of high-pressure water jets are used at different floors. When the chute is washed with the sprinkler system the wastewater is collected through a gully trap (fitted at garbage collection room), which is connected to the main drainage line.

Now a days, with latest upcoming norms, segregation of dry and wet garbage is essential. Hence modified and automated systems are developed.

In this way, by providing C.G.S. system, we may step forward to eco-friendly buildings, where proper care of hygiene is taken.


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