Top Features That Define A Luxury Home

September 6, 2018

What really determines a luxury property apart from a hefty price tag and large areas?

The term luxury has been used to describe everything from an ultra-luxury home to a premium location to a hi-tech home.

Different individuals have a different meaning to it. Luxury can be an experiential, convenience, ultimate privacy, collectible, turnkey-ready, a blank canvas, understated and so on.

Most luxury home buyers nowadays are looking for homes with amazing benefits. The luxury home segment is not new, but the idea is to create one of its kind homes is taking over the luxury property market. Individuals are seeking for properties with exquisite designs, larger than life amenities and features.

There are some privileged benefits of a buying a luxury home such as exclusivity, privacy, security, better neighbourhood and technology all these factors make life in a luxury home so unique and exquisite.

This article sets out luxury home features that you do not find in a regular residential property.

Here are the top features that define a luxury home.

  • Exceptional Location

Almost always, a luxury home is defined by its amazing location. Most luxury homes are in a well established upscale area with serene community ambience.

  • Spectacular views

The most challenging and the most luxurious feature is to have a home in a prime location with a spectacular view.

  • World-class Design & finish

Luxury homes are aesthetically designed architectural marvels. The unique architectural design and finishes make them stand out among other residential projects.

  • Personal lift & lobby

Nowadays, most of the luxurious homes also get their personal lift with a lobby area.

  • Privacy

When it comes to luxury homes, privacy is their prime focus.

  • Luxuriant kitchen

The ultimate luxury kitchen is like a designer piece for the home with all the high-end kitchen equipment and gadgets like dishwashers & chimney by international brands.

  • Walk-in Closet

Closet or Wardrobe with storage compartments is the perfect place to hold and organize all your branded /designer possession such as clothes, bags, and jewellery.

  • Exorbitant Bathroom

A bathroom is that one room that deserves a little extra luxury. On the list of high-end home features, a bathroom designed for relaxing is at the top of the list.

  • Having big balconies/patio

Big balconies or Patio with a breathtaking view is another amazing feature that most luxurious homes come with.

  • Pool

Not just a regular swimming pool, but sky pool or infinity swimming pool with sufficient privacy.

  • Fitness Centre

Fully equipped state-of-art gymnasium

  • Super Security

Enhanced and modern security facilities are a must for your peace of mind when you live in an ultra-luxurious apartment.

  • Air Conditioning

Full air-conditioning is a must-have for a luxurious and an ultra-comfortable home.

  • Servant Chambers

Most luxury properties also have easily accessible servant chambers comprising of living and bathroom facility.

  • Vehicle Free Zone

For the safety of your kids and elderly family members, most luxury properties have vehicle free zones.

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