January 3, 2019


Fabrication is an activity involved in construction work to facilitate safety, security, convenience and it adds to beauty. Most of the times, M.S. fabrication is done at a later stage of the work, but the required supportive structures in RCC work, is done earlier. Therefore variety of inserts, provision for hinges etc is required to be done during RCC work.

Fabrication work includes: –

    • Staircase
    • Balcony
    • Safety grills and
    • Miscellaneous works
    • Entrance gates,

Various types of M.S. materials used for fabrication works are: –

    • Round bars
    • Square bars
    • Flats
    • Tubes
    • Z-sections
    • T-sections
    • Muliums
    • Angles
    • H-beams
    • I-sections
    • Channels
    • Weld mesh
    • Chain link
    • Many other composite

The temporary electrical connections given at site should be proper and not hanging. All the machinery and the job should be earthed properly before starting the work to avoid accidents.


  1. It should be as per drawings and
  2. Material should be as per standard quantity and weight
    • Correct measurement for grills/railings should be taken at
  1. Check all diagonals and dimensions of the window grills. In case of railings, the vertical legs of S.

Railing should be welded to inserts provided in the R.C.C. pardi.

  1. Check that the joints are welded
  2. Check that all the joints are smoothly
    • Check for proper anchoring/fixing
    • Scrap the entire surface of the grill/railing for rusting, skull etc if
  3. A protective coat of red lead oil paint and a coat of oil paint of approved shade should be applied before fixing grill/railing.
  4. Fabricated jobs should be handled carefully while transporting and erecting at places for avoiding the damages to the other completed
  5. Grills/railings should be fixed at places with proper anchoring bolts/screws using plastic rawal
    • Check the line level and
    • Final coat of approved shape should be applied later


  • The temporary electrical supply given for fabrication at site shall be given through proper fitting and fixtures.
  • Hanging wires at various places shall be
  • Earthing should be provided to the job during fabrication at
  • Heavy structural members should be handled only by proper material handling


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