Customer Service to the ‘T’

September 4, 2021

Customer Service to the ‘T’: Real Estate isn’t just about building homes or spaces for use, it’s much more. It’s about giving a home buyer an experience that they will remember and move into their space with good memories. Trust in the industry is built by good customer service and it’s the most important aspect of a reputed brand.
Judging the wishes of your client:  Answering client questions is a part of the job but anticipating what the client wants is a skill that a team selling real estate must possess. Understanding their needs and providing prompt solutions must be key. Providing a client with the feeling of care and comfort is paramount as that emotional bond will help them trust your judgement. We at Kumar follow every practice to create a unique bond with our clients.
Transparency :
It’s extremely important for us to make sure that clients don’t feel blindsided or are provided with half information. The aim is always to maintain transparency in the communication. Enabling the client to feel empowered is utmost priority. They must feel comfortable and ready to ask questions and get the best deal for their purchase. A transparent approach will always build a healthy relationship between you and your client.
Communication : Communication is the best way to know someone and when it comes to clients, having a personal relationship is always beneficial. People investing large amounts of money in a home are extremely emotional about their investments and acknowledging that sensitively breathes confidence about you in the clients eyes. A healthy communication pattern serves happiness to the client as well as the brand.


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