January 3, 2019

Compound walls are constructed to define and secure the plot boundaries. For commencement of compound wall, get the boundaries of the plot marked by city survey department. Foundation of compound wall depends upon foundation stratum.

Types Of Compound Wall: –

  1. Stone masonry walls.
  2. Brick masonry walls.
  3. Barbed wire fencing etc.
  • Stone Masonry Walls: –

In this type of compound wall, foundation and super structure both are in stone masonry. Following procedure shall be adopted.

    1. Excavate up to hard strata.
    2. Place 150 mm thick PCC.
    3. Start the UCR masonry on 150 mm thick PCC.
    4. Keeping the outer face fixed, reduction in width is done from inner sides as per the design depending on the depth of foundation.
    5. All the engineering norms shall be practiced for the stone masonry work.
  • Brick Masonry Work: –

In this type of compound wall, foundation may be of stone masonry, RCC or brick masonry depending on foundation strata available. This masonry above ground level is to be carried out as per the design up to the required height. Provide expansion joints at an interval of 15 meter. All the procedural norms for the brickwork shall be followed.

  • Barbed Wire / Chain Link Fencing: –

These types of fencing are mostly used for securing the boundaries of open plots as well as on other types of compound walls, to give additional security.


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