January 3, 2019

The physical completion of a residential or commercial building does not permit the occupation and use of the building legally. The legal formalities with various government departments and local competent authority are to be completed before starting use of the building.

The following ‘No objection certificates’ (N.O.C.’s) are required to be sanctioned from relevant authorities.

  • Structural stability certificate.
  • Tax clearance certificate.
  • Drainage completion certificate.
  • Water supply system completion certificate.
  • Fire fighting system completion certificate.
  • N.O.C. from garden department.
  • N.O.C. from Encroachment department.
  • N.O.C. for lift from P.W.D.
  • Road completion certificate.

After getting this N.O.C’s and getting any other certificates as required; the local authority issues the final completion certificate i.e. occupation certificate.

The individual flat or shop can be handed over in the possession of the customer only after getting the occupation certificate..


While handing over of a unit, it is our responsibility to make the customer not only happy but also proud of his new asset. It is the ultimate stage of work at which all the work is to be completed with each and every corner thoroughly checked. All minor details, finishes are to be taken care of. Check and rectify some minor and important works before intimating the customer about completion.


  • Tiling /Dado:
    • Tile cracks at place.
    • Tiles making hollow sound.
    • Butt finish.
    • Joint filling.
    • Shade variation in skirting, flooring and dado tiles.
    • Window sill chamfer.
    • Cutting near floor trap and commode.
    • Proper slope in terraces, toilets & W.C. and Bath.
  • Door shutters / polishing:
    • Stopper fixed flush to the floor.
    • Alignment of tower bolt & tadipatti.
    • Screws to hinges .
    • Gap in doorframe and shutters.
    • Polishing to door shutter and frame.
    • Final finishing of shutters left out
    • Polished / painted Top of door shutter.
  • Painting:
    • Edges of walls and undulations at wall surface.
    • Painting finish above skirting.
    • Cutting edges for oil paint and distemper.
    • Brush mark appears at ceilings and walls.
    • Finishing below kitchen otta
    • Doors, windows & electrical fixtures cleaning.
    • Paint stains on tiles, windowsills & sanitary wares.
  • C.P.Fittings:
    • Leakage from bottle trap / waist coupling and taps.
    • Choke up in balcony spout, nahani traps.
    • Proper fixing of Wash hand basin/flush tanks.
  • Aluminum window & doors:
    • Cleaning of tracks.
    • Play to shutters operating.
    • Drain holes for gutters to bottom tracks
    • Standard locking Patti for louvers.
    • Rusting of screws.
  • Kitchen platform:
    • Proper slope towards sink.
    • Proper sealing of all joints.
    • Proper finishing at nahani traps.
    • Edge chamfering, polishing of fascia raised from top.
    • Proper cleaning & polishing of Kadappa verticals & bottom.
    • Properly finished gas holes.
    • Proper finishing of overall platform.
    • Proper joint filing of dado.

These are few points, which needs care to be taken during finalization of flat.
Complete all works like tiling, otta, dado, sanitary fixing, door shutters with its fittings and painting work
Carry out acid wash of floor (if specified) and dado of the flat with its proper joint filling with filler materials.up to your full satisfaction.

  • Final coat of painting, if required touch ups etc., cleaning; mopping the floor is to be completed.
  • Check the flat for all the items.
  • Confirm and check the finalized unit personally.
  • If any point executed is improper, get the same done properly. Inform the customer accordingly before handing over the unit.


For a Customer, taking possession of his flat is a ‘Dream comes true’ stage.

  • Ask the customer to visit his flat, accompany him; wait for his observations before taking possession. If any defects or incomplete work is pointed out by the customer and if you feel that it needs to be done, get the same done, at earliest.
  • As per the procedure, take the possession card/note from the customer. Satisfactory note is to be signed by the customer for taking possession in good condition.
  • After getting signatures of customer on possession card/note and acceptance letter, hand over all keys of flats.
  • Do not handover the keys
    • To carry out furniture work before completing entire work within the flat
    • Without the signature of client on satisfactory note.
  • Explain and assure the customer about After Sales Service and hand over a copy of maintenance manual.

Wish him / her happy prosperous and peaceful life at the new premises with a warmth


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