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January 3, 2019

It becomes necessary to provide recreational facilities in modern townships. A well equipped clubhouse is a facility where:

  • People can
  • People can organize recreational
  • People gather together and develop social
  • People can relax and relieve their

A well designed Clubhouse highlightens and adds to the value of a residential project. The following facilities are provided in a Clubhouse:

  • Gymnasium,
  • T.Room,
  • Swimming pool
  • Squash court,
  • Cards room,
  • Carom room,
  • Balling alley,
  • Jacuzzi bath,
  • Steam and sauna bath,
  • Skating rings,
  • Recreational hall,
  • Dancing floor,
  • Library,
  • Yoga and meditation room

Every facility listed above has its own peculiarity and requirement as per the specific use. Therefore a clubhouse shall be planned and constructed as per the details & specifications given by the Consultants. Consultants play a vital role in planning the Clubhouse for every minute detail.

The information for some of the facilities is briefed herewith.


Jacuzzi is an arrangement of water jets, which helps to provide Massage to human body. Since the body is almost weightless when immersed in the water, even a light water jet provides a blissful Massage to the body. Salient features of Jacuzzi machine

  • Air nozzles give maximum pressure along with quality Air nozzles are of two types i.e. rotary and fixed type.
  • Mud pump can also be used for increasing the
  • Use of scheduled 80 CPVC pipes, reduces the frictional losses and salt
  • A properly designed control panel consisting, robust control fuses, cabling, earthing terminal is used and it is painted by a weatherproof

Technical specifications

  1. Nozzles 4 fixed and 4 Rotary
  2. Pump 1 hp / 2 hp Kirloskar
  3. Control panel Consisting of starter L&T make with all
  4. Air volume controller 3 or 4 nos. as
  5. Plumbing The pipes and required fittings confirming to
  6. Heater Provided only if required
  7. Filter Astral or equivalent make

The installation of Jacuzzi machines is done alonwith the following construction work.

  1. Construction of
  2. Waterproofing of
  3. Tiling of
  4. Electricity supply to the main .
  5. Water inlet of 50 mm diameter with gate
  6. Drain line from filter to
  7. Drainage chamber near filter
  8. When the Jacuzzi is connected to the pool, plumbing of overflow line shall be done from the Jacuzzi to the pool through a gate

Technical specifications Boiler:

Steam boiler is built in S.S. 304, argon welded and is tested for a pressure of 5 Kg/, with necessary insulation. The heater used is industrial immersion heater of S.S. and connected with Teflon coated probes. The heater is fitted inlet and drain valves, solenoid valve, level control probes etc.

Boiler Enclosure: The boiler enclosure is made in 16 SWG mild steel with proper louvers for free air circulation and is duly powder coated with chosen shades.

Control panel : The control panel consist of thermostat controller, on -off indicators, necessary printed circuit board, L&T make contactor, MCB, timer controller, display unit, relays etc.

Plumbing details: Main water supply up to the steam boiler is to be provided Steam delivery line is made in G.I.pipes from steam boiler to the steam room. These lines are insulated properly. Nahani trap is provided with the drainage in the steam room.

Electrical details :

Total Power requirement = 9 KW.
Main cable having 4 cores and cross-section of 4 Main switch through ELCB and MCB with proper earthing. Operating cables from steam unit to operating panel.
One ceiling rose for fixing of light, above the false ceiling.

General details:

Steam bath is recommended for a time of not more than 10 to 20 minutes. Three persons can be accommodated in the cabin at a time. Ceiling and door of the cabin shall be made in Aluminium and wired glass.Door of the cabin shall be kept open to avoid odour. Locking arrangement shall not be provided to the door. Only hydraulic door closer shall be provided.

The required civil works includes:

  • Three phase Power supply with 4-core
  • Water connection up to steam boiler
  • Construction of steam room
  • Tiling of steam room
  • Fixing of marble bench
  • AL & wired glass roof & door
  • Plumbing from steam boiler to steam room
  • Drainage outlet
  • One light point in steam room


Introduction : The sauna bath is nothing but a hot air bath. The hot air bath helps to sweat the body and indirectly helps to maintain the metabolism of the body.
The sauna unit consists of air heaters and with necessary control panel fitted with all safety devices. The necessary heatproof cabin is constructed in woodwork. The planks of Deodar or Canadian hemlock knotless wood are fitted on a suitable frame. The walls shall be protected from high temperature by using glass wool insulation & asbestos sheet behind the unit.

Technical Details

Heater : Aesthetically designed main body of the heater is manufactured in 14 gauge M.S. sheet and is powder coated. The electrical cables are thermally insulated and are totally outside the heater stove. The heating elements are of standard companies which have a unique heat distribution system. The pebbles are kept on the heater, which help to store the heat efficiently.

Control panel consists of :

  • Thermostatic temperature
  • Digital temperature
  • Necessary safety devices consisting higher limit
  • Standard
  • Two sensors fitted with thermostat to read


Wall ceiling & flooring

Wooden frame is constructed by using deodar wood of the section size 40 mm x 50 mm, on all six sides of the cabin. The cabin is provided with Resin boded mineral glass wool insulation on ceiling and four vertical walls.


A Door frame made up of C.P.teakwood of section 100 mm x 25 mm is provided and the shutter is

provided with toughened glass and wooden planks as designed. Locking arrangement shall not be provided to the door. Only hydraulic door closer shall be provided.

Requirement at site

  • 3 phase Power supply with 4 core
  • All civil work to be done as
  • Nerru plaster with water proofing on all walls up to 1.5 m


The steam and sauna bath help to benefit in some of the conditions of health by the use of heat. It helps in following conditions:

  • Rheumatism, Arthritis and a wide variety of complaints involving the musculo-skeletal
  • Sciatica and many other conditions affecting the nervous
  • Some skin conditioning treatments those mimic the radiation contained in sunlight are helpful in treating the problems such as
  • Respiratory problems including Asthma and
  • Heat therapy can also help in reducing the inflammation of the Kidneys and gallbladder.


  • Avoid heat treatments during heat conditions and high blood
  • The heart-bit rate almost doubles just after seven minutes in a sauna, causing a dangerous strain on a weak
  • Heat therapy is not recommended for young
  • Elderly people shall use the comparatively cooler sauna benches and limit the exposure to extreme heat to five
  • Overheating puts a strain on the heart and subsequent cooling may result in a chill and respiratory problems.
  • Never drink alcohol before heat treatment to avoid the risk of
  • Expectant mothers, Diabetics, people suffering from heavy cold, flu, a heavy menstrual period, grandular obesity varicose veins, low blood pressure or under any medical treatments: can face a high risk in the heat therapy


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