Residences that Offer a Wholesome Living Experience.


The philosophy of R-Habitats speaks about the concept of one big family.

Camaraderie. Celebration. Conversation. Collaboration

Concentrating on the recreational aspects of life, R Habitats is not about the space you live in, it’s about the people you live with. It’s an electrifying mix of events, collaboration, initiatives, and activities that bring together the voice and talent of people with a sense of togetherness creating our very own community.







Strengthening the Spirit of a Community

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R-Habitat – A Colloborative Affair.

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You Have Been Offered A Lifestyle. But We’re Offering You A Complete Habitat!

All good things get better with time and this is precisely why ‘R’ Habitats is an ongoing concept

A philosophy that is meant to evolve as years go by so that you always feel being taken care of. Life at a ‘R’ Habitats is always exciting and debuts an electrifying mix of events, initiatives and benefits. Look through the list below to find the ones that captivate your imagination and get ready to have all as part of your home.

‘R’ Habitats is a collaborative affair and with your participation we can surely make it even better. Be prepared to let life take centre stage because the spotlight is on you.


R-Community Building Activities

R Contests – A lockdown event created to keep our residents motivated and entertained through uncertain times. The event encouraged all our residents to display their talents and make the most of their days at home. The cherry on the cake- they also won cash prizes!